Frequently asked questions

Strategic funds

The basic formula for your investment portfolio

Strategic funds are ideal to move from saving to investing. You gain access to a broadly diversified investment portfolio tailored to your investor profile and managed by specialists on your behalf. Looking for a portfolio invested in Europe or throughout the world? The choice is yours.

Choose the portfolio that suits you best

It is important that you feel comfortable with your investment. Are you willing to take more risk in return for the potential of a higher return? Or do you prefer to play it safe? When choosing a strategic fund your personal sense of risk is crucial. In short, your strategic fund should match your investor profile.

A portfolio invested across Europe

A portfolio invested throughout the world

You do not yet have an investor profile?

To advise you, we rely on understanding your current personal situation. Therefore, we will ask you to fill in a questionnaire that maps your financial situation, your investment objectives, and your knowledge and experience with investing.

Your savings and investment path

Find out which steps on your path towards savings and investment have already been taken and which are yet to come.