Frequently asked questions

Prepare your estate

Give a gift, but continue to benefit from your capital

Preparing your estate begins with the establishment of a valid will and possibly a prenuptial contract. Inheritance taxes can be very high, but you can reduce them by gifting (a part of) your capital. However, a gift can sometimes raise questions. Perhaps you want to first reap the fruits of your capital yourself. Do so with any of the formulas below.

Formulas adapted to your wishes

You want to receive a life-long income and waive your capital.

You want to receive a life-long income and protect your loved ones.

You want to collect interest for a certain period while preserving your investment.

Het beste uit uw spaargeld halen

Wilt u uw spaargeld optimaal inzetten, dan bent u al goed op weg door een apart spaarpotje te vullen voor uw latere woning. Maar welke stappen kunt u nog ondernemen? Stippel uw spaar- en beleggingsroute uit.