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Pension savings

Pension savings with tax benefits

Prepare your pension by investing in a pension insurance or a pension savings fund and recover a part of your savings in the form of a tax break.

You are looking for a higher return in the long term

You want safety

You want safety and do not have a home loan

Why subscribe to pension savings?

Whatever our age, we all hope for happy days after we retire, and maybe even the possibility to enjoy a higher standard of living than today. Please take note of the following...

The state pension of Belgians is among the lowest in Europe

The amount of your state pension depends on many factors, the first of which is your status. In any case, one thing is certain: your pension will probably be significantly lower than your salary upon retirement. Take a look at the average state pension in Belgium today:

  • Self-employed: EUR 840
  • Employed: EUR 1,212
  • Official: EUR 2,341

Depending on your employer intervention, your state pension and your supplementary pension will only cover 50 to 80% of your last net salary. (Source: Pensioengids Netto De Tijd, September 2015)

30% tax break on your payments

The government grants a tax reduction of 30% on the amounts paid into your pension savings, depending on your personal tax situation. Invest up to EUR 940 and recuperate up to EUR 282 on your next tax bill!

A long-term investment spread over time

Depositing small amounts each month has undeniable advantages in the long term: spread your savings throughout the year and watch each payment immediately start to grow.

Do you already receive all tax benefits?

Did you exhaust all possibilities for tax breaks from your pension savings?

No problem: you can continue to save for your retirement! This is called the fourth pillar of your pension. This comes after the first three pillars: state pension, occupational pension (made by your employer) and supplementary pension with tax benefit.

To grow your capital and protect your family

Our savings and investment insurances allow you to grow your capital while protecting your loved ones. You save or invest as part of a life insurance policy. In addition, some of these formulas may also be fiscally beneficial.

Maximise your savings

If you want to make the most of your savings, it is in your interest to subscribe to pension savings. What other steps can you take? Find your own savings and investment route now.