Frequently asked questions

Investing with capital protection

An investment with more certainty

Is security crucial to you when you invest? Then opt for capital protection. You invest your money for a certain period. In return, you may receive a fixed or variable rate of return at regular intervals (coupons) or at maturity. Depending on the chosen formula, you will either fully or almost fully recover the invested amount at maturity (without costs). Sometimes you can even choose how much you will be refunded.

100% capital protection

Your capital (without costs) is fully protected at maturity. For certain investments you even know in advance exactly how much your investment will yield.

Less certainty for a higher potential

Your invested capital (without costs) is completely or for the most part protected at maturity. Your potential return is variable, but also potentially higher. It can take several forms: a combination of a fixed and variable interest rate or a redemption premium at maturity.

Are you new to the world of investing?

Have you already subscribed to a pension fund or government bonds, but do not feel ready to take your investing to the next level? Make sure you have a solid understanding of financial markets before you start investing.