Invest at your own pace

Flexinvest is an excellent formula that allows you to invest smaller amounts on a regular basis. You automatically invest a set amount at a fixed time in an investment fund of you choice, starting from as little as EUR 30 per month or EUR 500 every six months. It is up to you to decide the amount and the frequency. The investment plan can be adjusted or terminated at any time.

Flexinvest lets you spread your investment, and that is a good thing!

Of course, you would prefer to invest just before prices will rise, but one never knows when the right moment comes. Regularly investing small amounts allows you to spread your deposits and reduce the impact of market fluctuations:

  • If the rate drops, share* prices will decline and you will pay less for each share. That way you get more shares for the same amount. However, keep in mind that the shares already purchased have also lost value.
  • If the rate rises, share prices increase, and they cost more to purchase. That way you can buy less shares for the same amount. But in that case too, the value of previously purchased shares increases.

In the long term, Flexinvest is able to offer an attractive average price. In addition, you do not have to worry about when to buy and avoid impulsive decisions when markets suddenly fall or rise.

*A share is a "piece" of an investment fund. Just as you can buy shares of companies, you can purchase shares in an investment fund.

Invest in a fund of your choice

Flexinvest automatically lets you invest in an investment fund of your choice, based on your goals and your risk tolerance. You can combine Flexinvest with any fund from our extensive portfolio, with a few exceptions.

Opting for an investment fund has undeniable advantages, especially for novice investors:

  • It is easy, because the fund manager invests for you.
  • There are even practical ready-made funds, such as our strategy funds.
  • A fund comprises different investments, so you automatically spread your risk.

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Flexinvest also works the other way around

Spread payoffs over time

You have invested in a fund for many years and have decided that now is the right time to get out. But it is hard to be sure when it is most beneficial to sell your shares. A good option is to spread your payoffs over time, for example, every month for an amount of EUR 200. This way, you are less dependent on the evolution of the value of your shares, and get a nice supplementary pension or salary.

Want to know more?

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