Did you know that you are already investing?

What to do with your savings?

You do not hide your savings at the bottom of your sock drawers or let it sit in your current account. You pay into your savings account in the hope to earn interest. In other words, you strive to increase the value of the money you do not need immediately. Find out about your current situation and your next steps.

I have a savings account

Before you start investing you should build up a reserve to cover unexpected expenses. Regulated savings accounts also offer basic interest rates for short-term savings as well as a long-term loyalty bonus.

I have subscribed to a pension savings scheme

If you are saving for your pension, you will receive a portion of the amount saved in the form of a tax relief.

I bought a property

Acquiring a property is an investment, whether you occupy, rent or sell it. After all, buying property means that your money is invested the housing market.

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