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Your investment journey

The building blocks of your investment journey

Your savings and investment efforts evolve over time, just like you. Do you have greater financial flexibility? Have you set a savings goal (pension supplement, boost for your children, etc.)? Or do you simply want to further grow your savings? Each of these cases represents a new step in your investment journey. Our example route shows the various steps that you can take, including some you might want to skip or think twice about. Each journey is unique, but an important principle applies to every investor: it all starts with an adequate savings reserve.

Savings reserve

The first step of your journey involves the establishment of a reserve of savings, for example to finance a nice trip or replacing your washing machine if it breaks down unexpectedly. This money is kept in a savings account, so it can earn interest.

You can subscribe to automatic savings on your account for your convenience.

Pension savings and tax reduction

Both pension and long-term savings let you benefit from a significant tax reduction. Make sure you take advantage of every possible tax benefit.

Build up capital for a specific purpose

Are you thinking of buying your dream home? Have you put money aside to finance the studies of your (grand)children? Or do you plan to travel the world? Discover the formula that best suits your plans.

Traditional investments

Investing in government bonds and savings bonds is similar to saving. Your money is tied up for a defined period and you receive a fixed interest rate.

Investments with capital protection

These investments have a fixed term, after which you get back the amount you invested. You receive a fixed or variable interest rate during the term or at maturity of the investment.

Ready-made investments

This customised investment formula gives you access to a broadly diversified portfolio at an European or international level, even with limited initial capital.

Moreover, Flexinvest allows you to invest automatically in an investment fund from EUR 30 per month.

A better return

Do you have more available capital? Opt for a variety of investments to spread the risk. You can also put an emphasis on certain markets or strategies that appeal to you.

Increase your capital and protect your family

Our savings and investment insurances are coupled to a life insurance, which allows you to grow your capital while protecting your loved ones. This may also offer tax benefits.

Enjoy your capital and prepare your succession

Your savings and investment efforts have allowed you to build up a nice capital reserve. Now it is time to reap the rewards. Enjoy your well-deserved financial comfort, thanks to our savings and investment insurances.

Legal information

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