Invest for the first time

Investing is allocating money to make it grow. Anyone can invest, also people who do not have a fortune, and lack either time or experience. In only a few steps, we can put you on the right track.

Checklist: Are you ready to invest?

Let us start at the beginning. Investing is best done from a sound financial basis.

  1. You have a savings account with a cash reserve for daily and unforeseen expenses.
  2. You already enjoy all tax benefits, including those related to pension savings.
  3. You already save separately for other important future projects.

Keep in mind that...

  • usually pay off in the long-term. Investments are therefore an attractive solution for capital that would otherwise remain in your savings account for several years.
  • ...the return on investments is linked to the risk you are willing to take. Taking more risk potentially increases your yield. If you play it safe, your return is likely to be lower.
  • need to determine your investor profile and take the "Knowledge and experience" test.

Make your investment based on our tailored advice

The choice of investments particularly depends on your approach to risk. Are you ready to take a little more risk, or do you prefer to play it safe? This is where paying attention to your investor profile comes in handy. This profile indicates the investment risks you are comfortable with, and helps your adviser to determine which investments to recommend. No matter if you consult us online, over the phone or at one of our branches, your investor profile is the starting point for each investment.

Please note: Your investor profile is a snapshot of your current situation and therefore only valid for a period of three to eight years. If your personal situation changes, be sure to inform your consultant. This way you ensure that you receive advice that always fits your personal and financial situation and your goals.

What are the different profiles?

The conservative investor

This investor chooses safety. Capital protection is more important than profitability. There is absolutely no wish to invest in equities. More info.

The defensive investor

This investor invests most of the portfolio in safe, fixed-income securities and funds with capital guarantee. More info

The neutral investor

This investor is looking for a good balance between risk and return and is willing to invest up to half of the portfolio in equities. More info

The dynamic investor

This investor is going for profitability. Equities are the preferred type of investment over fixed-income investments. More info

The aggressive investor

This investor invests primarily or exclusively in equities. Fixed-income and cash investments are at most considered as temporary parking spots for capital in anticipation of a good investment opportunity. More info

Only invest in what you know

This rule is not only a legal obligation, but also undoubtedly the guiding principle for any investor. This is why we assess your knowledge and experience by means of a specific questionnaire. The test consists of different modules, each of which is devoted to a particular asset class. You only need to answer questions about the categories in which you want to invest, as well as the basic products "shares" and "bonds". This questionnaire is not optional. If you want to invest, you are obliged to fill it out. If your knowledge of a certain category is insufficient, you can always take advantage of our knowledge sheeets. These records list all important features and risks of each investment category.

Something for everyone, even for the novice investor

Once you have determined your investor profile and passed the "Knowledge and experience" test, you can start investing. Your first investment may seem like a big step. But did you know that there are suitable formulas for each investor? Find out what is important to you and then we choose an appropriate investment together with you.

I want to be sure to recover the invested amount

Investments with capital protection have a fixed term, after you get back the amount invested. During this term, you will receive a variable or fixed interest rate.

I do not have a huge starting capital

Flexinvest lets you automatically invest, starting from EUR 30 per month. You choose a fixed amount and frequency, after which you no longer have to worry about. In addition, you stagger your investment over time, which offers many advantages.

I want to lay the foundation of my investment portfolio

With our ready-made strategy funds you get easy access to a portfolio with a wide European or international distribution.

Advice and support

Over the phone or at your branch? Our consultants are ready to answer all your questions regarding investing. They analyse your personal situation and provide tailored advice, so you can maximise the performance of your savings.

Do you want to invest EUR 85,000 or more? In this case, you can also benefit from additional Priority customer services.

Your savings and investment journey

Find out what steps in your savings and investment journey you have already taken and which are yet to be addressed.