Investing with or without advice?

Manage your own investments

Does the investment world hold almost no secrets, and are you familiar with all the approaches that exist in this area? In that case, you yourself choose your investments using our apps and practical tools.

Advice when you need it

Would you like to put some money aside for your kids' studies? Perhaps you want to build tax-efficient pension savings? Or are you thinking about investing a specific amount but not sure how to do it? With Easy Investment Advice, you can easily and quickly obtain solid investment advice.

Constant support

Portfolio Advice is a comprehensive service for investors. With regular consultations, reports and follow-ups, we keep track of your investment portfolio. This service is suited for investments above EUR 85,000.

Your investment journey

Ready for the next chapter in your savings and investment journey? Find your own route now.

Are you new to the world of investing?

Have you already subscribed to a pension fund or government bonds, but do not feel ready to take your investing to the next level? Make sure you have a solid understanding of financial markets before you start investing.

Overview of our savings and investment products

Would you like to browse our offers right now? We have categorised our products, so you can easily find the right investment opportunities.