Invest on the basis of your knowledge and experience.

Invest only in what you know

This rule of thumb is undoubtedly a "golden rule" for every investor. That is also why it is a good idea for you to evaluate your knowledge and experience with investing with the help of a test that you can take online whenever you wish.

A good start

The test consists of various modules, covering different types of investment categories. With this test, you can find out whether you have sufficient knowledge of and experience with the investment products you wish to invest in.

A necessary start

If you wish to invest with the help of our advice, then the questionnaire is mandatory. If you wish to invest on your own, then you will still benefit from knowing more about the products you wish to invest in.

Exactly what you need and no more

You only need to answer the questions that deal with the categories you wish to invest in. However, as a minimum, you must correctly answer the questions about the basic investment vehicles ‘bonds’ and ‘shares’.

Gaps in your knowledge?

If your knowledge concerning a specific category is insufficient, then you can always brush up on it with the help of our information sheets and videos.

A fixed guideline for advice

We store your answers. All advisers can access this information. This means that you do not have to repeat yourself by giving this information again. In fact, our advice will always take into account what you know and which products you may or may not have experience with.