Log in quickly and securely to Easy Banking Web

A maximum-security online bank

With Easy Banking Web, you can access your accounts and manage your cards and investments from the comfort of your computer. We use the most advanced protective systems so you can carry out your transactions completely securely.

Log in to your online bank in just a few seconds

To log in to Easy Banking Web, you need your user name (the customer number stated on your bank card), your PIN and your card reader. These personal items ensure that you can access your bank remotely and completely securely.

Be careful:

Don't tell anyone your user name, your PIN or the codes generated by your card reader. We will never ask you for your user names or passwords over the phone or by e-mail.

Using itsme®

With the itsme® application, you are able to use your smartphone to log in to a wide selection of online platforms and applications. itsme® generates a unique 5-digit code for you that allows you to log in completely secure in just a few seconds.

That means:

  • You are able to log in to Easy Banking Web without using a card reader;
  • You confirm your payments even more quickly and easily.

The itsme® application guarantees optimal online security by combining your smartphone, SIM card and personal itsme® code. It also leaves you in control of all your personal data. Click here for more information.

Your online bank has a secure address

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