Optimal protection

Insurance that meets your expectations

Building a property is one thing. Making the most of it with your family by your side and having total peace of mind is another, and it is just as important. We offer a range of bespoke insurance solutions to protect you, your loved ones and your possessions in hard times.

Protect your family

The most important thing is to protect your family from financial difficulties. To do this, choose the right family, life or death insurance.You can rely on customised protection in Belgium and abroad. We offer plenty of high-quality insurance solutions.

Make your free time your own

Working and managing your assets often leaves you with very little free time.

This is another reason to make sure your assets get the protection they deserve. Whether you are travelling around Belgium or holidaying abroad, we provide cover adapted to your circumstances.

Protect your movable assets

Structuring and expanding your movable assets keeps you busy.But what happens to your assets in the event of sudden death? Appropriate insurance guarantees optimal coverage and ensures that your assets are passed on to the right people.

Protect your fixed assets

No matter if it is your home, your offices or investment properties: they all need to be protected, starting with a good fire insurance. Your dedicated adviser within the Private Bank can provide more information.

Custom solutions

Your needs and expectations are unique

Your assets and the expectations you have of the services provided for them are unique and individual. Therefore it is only natural that you should receive a customised solution. That is why your Private Banker or Wealth Manager surrounds himself with experts who can offer you a vast range of insurance solutions. In addition to our well-known insurance products available to everyone, we also offer products that allow you to protect specific possessions, such as yachts, swimming pools or antique cars. Get in touch with your dedicated adviser within Private Banking and be at ease about your future.