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Our corporate social responsibility

A socially-responsible bank, going beyond words

As a major banking institution, we have a crucial social responsibility. We must have a positive impact on the environment, society and good governance.

A bank that thinks and acts sustainably

You are looking for a sustainable and responsible bank that carries out its business ethically, respecting human gender, the environment and society and that invests in solutions for tomorrow’s world.

How are we sustainable? Contact us!

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Economically, an ethical bank

100 billion euros: this is the amount that we disseminate in the economy as a banking institution. This gives us a serious responsibility. Sustainable investment is at the core of our offer and continuously champions social entrepreneurship. Moreover, thanks to our Sustainable Business Competence Centre, we support Belgian companies on their path to a low-carbon, circular economy, human capital and smart cities.

Social: gender training and equality

More than ever before, we want to be a socially-responsible employer fulfilling the demands of the new generations.

We organise in-house mobility and training courses.

Diversity and inclusion are our key values. Our aim is to have more women in managerial positions.

Fighting social exclusion

We strive for a better society that does not exclude anyone. We create an impact on society through a range of initiatives fighting social exclusion. The BNP Paribas Fortis Foundation and Venture Philantropy Fund are well-recognised for their momentous support to a series of associations. Worldwide, we have already granted more than 250 000 microcredits. A recent example of our social commitment? The issuance of a social impact bond helping the most vulnerable young people finding a job.

Environment: carbon neutrality

Our new head office is located in a passive and sustainable building. We recycle 98% of the waste of our former headquarters and office furniture. But we do much more:

  • We have reached carbon neutrality since 2007;
  • We help companies throughout their energy conversion processes;
  • Each year, we give 100 million euros funding to renewable energy start-ups.

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