Personal Loan

  • You can borrow without having to account for your expenses
  • Tailored repayment to suit your budget
  • Realise your plans under the best conditions

The loan that suits me is the one I can pay back.

Your tailored loan, tailor-made for you

Achieving your plans in your new country of residence sometimes requires a little extra money. However, if you do not want to touch your savings or investments, then our personal loan is the best solution for you. You can leave your assets untouched, keep your finances balanced and achieve the projects that are important to you.

In order to manage your finances efficiently, you can determine both the amount and duration of the loan, and therefore the size of your monthly payments. This way you can stick to your budget and meet your financial obligations.

Protect your loan

Illness, death, job loss or disability (temporary or permanent); what would you do if an incident stopped you from meeting your financial obligations? Personal loan insurance allows you to carry on with your payments.