Borrow for a home

Did you find the house of your dreams in Belgium? Thinking of upgrading your home or remodeling it so that it is more energy efficient? You can count on us to help you fulfil your wishes, either by providing you with the needed financial solution or advice.

Mortgage credit: Flexible Home Loan

As an expat, you benefit from attractive conditions for your home loan!

  • Up to four months of time to reconsider
  • Up to 36 months waiting period for your first repayment
  • Flexible solutions that can be adapted anytime you want
  • Optimised tax deduction

Renovation Loan

Need a new kitchen or bathroom? With a renovation loan you ca create the home of dreams without having to dip into your savings.

  • Monthly amount and term adjusted to your budget
  • Tax benefit

Energy Loan

If you are making energy efficiency improvements to your home you can request an energy loan.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Good for the environment
  • adjusted to your budget

Calculate your mortgage

Do you want to finance a real estate project? Determine your repayment ability and calculate the amount of your home loan.

Everything you need to know about purchasing, building or renovating a house.

A comfortable flat, a plot of land or a charming detached house? Purchasing, building or renovating a house has an impact on your budget and we are committed to provide you with the right advice. Do you really know what to look for when viewing a property? Or how to organise your move? What formalities do you need to go through if you are moving in together? Which premiums are you entitled to if you are building or renovating? We can give you advice on insurance tax and other practical aspects of your project.

Attention, borrowing money also costs money