Mortgage credit: Flexible Home Loan

Are you planning to build or purchase in Belgium?

With a mortgage loan, you pay back your loan over several years and over time, as your financial situation evolves, the Flexible Home Loan can adapt accordingly. Do you want to shorten or extend the term of your loan? Do you need to reduce your monthly repayments for a period of time? Or revise your interest rate? Everything is possible. (Subject to the bank's approval. Each modification incurs an handling fee of EUR 200).

4 months to sign the deed

With the Flexible Home Loan, your interest rate is guaranteed for four months from the date your application is validated at one of our branches. That is precisely the time you have to sign the notarial deed and to pay the registration fee (a form of taxation).

Pay back your loan while paying your rent

It is possible to reduce the first monthly repayments on your loan by paying only the interest. You can extend this arrangement until you are 36 months into the contract.

Reduce the term by increasing your monthly payments

Do you want to borrow over ten, fifteen, 20 or even 25 years? It is your choice and you can always adapt it. If, after several years, your financial situation improves, you can reduce the term of your mortgage loan by increasing the amount you pay back each month (subject to the bank's approval). You can pay it back for a shorter period and pay less interest. A prerequisite: your loan must still run on a minimum period of at least a quarter of its initial term. During this change, the interest rate remains the same.

Extend the term by reducing your monthly payments

Are you financially less well off? You can choose to extend the term of your mortgage loan (subject to the bank's approval). You will then pay back less each month. You can extend the term of your loan by up to five years, with a maximum duration of 30 years. This option is valid only for home loans with a variable interest rate.

Temporarily reduce your payments

Has a setback made your financial situation a bit more delicate? With the Flexible Home Loan you can, under certain conditions, pay back only the interest on your loan, for a maximum period of 6 months. During this period you will not pay back any capital, which considerably reduces the monthly cost. The total term of your loan is extended accordingly.

You can choose this option for a maximum of two six-month periods during the term of your home loan. Reasons to make use of this flexibility are varied: job loss, divorce, illness or disability, death of the co-borrower or unsanitary temporary housing. In addition, your loan must be have been underway for at least twelve months.

Choose a fixed interest rate

Opt for absolute security. Whatever the changes in interest rates, your monthly payments stay the same.

Choose a variable interest rate

Based on a floor rate, your monthly repayment varies in line with changes in interest rates. Possible increases and decreases will never exceed a certain percentage.

Choose a combined interest rate

With a Flexible Home Loan with a variable interest rate, you can change from one option to the other when interest rates change. A fixed or variable interest rate, both are possible. Your new formula will be based on the interest rate at the time the modification request is made.

Want to borrow back the capital you have repaid? Now you can!

Do you have a mortgage loan underway and want to renovate your home? It is possible to borrow capital again that you have already repaid (subject to the bank's approval). Under certain conditions, you can even borrow back up to 120% of this capital. So there is no need to take out a new mortgage. You can therefore avoid paying notary and mortgage fees again.

Your situation

Your tailored mortgage loan

100.000 EUR

The amount already repaid

20.000 EUR

Planned renovation

40.000 EUR

What can you borrow again?

The amount already repaid

20.000 EUR

+20% of your initial loan

20.000 EUR

Total amount to be borrowed again

40.000 EUR

Do not put off your investments in energy saving indeflnitely.

Lighten up your energy bills and loosen your budget

Do you want to save the environment and your wallet? Don't put off your investments in energy saving indefinitely. Integrate them into your housing project. This will enable you to reduce your energy bills considerably, and also to take advantage of different benefits and premiums related to tax.

Benefit from tax breaks

Financing the purchase, construction or renovation of a property with a Flexible Home Loan can also have tax benefits. However, the legislation is complex. Do you want to obtain the maximum tax benefit? We can help you do all the right calculations.

Concentrate on what is important

Whether you are purchasing or building, we help you navigate. With a practical checklist we take you through this long process step by step.

Responsible lending

Whether you are looking for a loan for personal or business reasons, you can rest assured knowing that we provide responsible lending. We will support you throughout the term of your loan.

Want to know more?

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