Energy loan: green borrowing

  • A green loan with an attractive interest rate
  • For home improvements that make your house more energy efficient

Saving energy and money

Is your Belgian home in need of new doors and windows? Do you want to get extra insulation, install thermostatic valves, solar panels or a new condensing boiler? If you are planning home improvements to save energy, the Energy loan (green loan) could be exactly what you are looking for (subject to approval). With energy prices continually on the rise, taking measures to reduce energy consumption in your home is a very useful investment. This way, you will save money while reducing your impact on the environment.

Monthly repayments and a term tailored to your budget

The Energy loan is a green installment loan, for which you pay a fixed monthly amount. The interest depends on the amount and term of the loan. You choose the term yourself, with a minimum of twelve months. The maximum duration varies depending on the amount borrowed.

We will advise you throughout the duration of your loan.

Responsible lending

Whether you are looking for a loan for personal or business reasons, you can rest assured knowing that we are a responsible lender. We will advise you throughout the duration of your loan.