Frequently asked questions

Rondo, the card that reassures

Making payments convenient

As soon as you get your Rondo card, you can do whatever you like with the sum at your disposal. You can use it to make purchases, withdraw cash from ATMs or transfer money to your current account. The Rondo card can be used like a classic payment card, although it is linked to a loan.

Flexibility and other benefits

Your monthly repayments (fixed or variable) include interests calculated based on the amounts you actually use. Furthermore, you do not need to provide any justification to access your reserve.

Peace of mind

Do you need some budget flexibility? In each half-year period, you can postpone one monthly payment. It is your ticket to peace of mind.. Moreover, you can request an additional card for your spouse.

Five good reasons to opt for Rondo

  1. You can access a cash reserve of EUR 1,000 to EUR 5,000.
  2. You only pay interest on the amount you borrow.
  3. Once you repay an amount, you can access it again.
  4. You can pay back at your own pace (minimum 5.60% of the amount due or of the total reserve per month).
  5. You can protect your family and yourself with the AG Insurance policy.

Want to know more?

For additional information, please refer to the document below.