Responsible lending

We practice responsible lending

Certain circumstances may require you to borrow money. When you find yourself in need of a loan, we commit ourselves to providing the solution most suited to your budget. This is how we practice responsible lending.

Why is responsible lending a good choice?

When you take out a loan, you have to be sure that you will be able to pay it back. As a responsible lender, we commit ourselves to granting you a loan that helps you achieve your goals, while keeping your budget balanced.

We take our responsibilities seriously

We intend to go beyond our regulatory obligations. We strive to be the most reliable financial partner by upholding clear rules.

The 5 golden rules of responsible lending

  • Choose a loan that is adapted to your financial situation and your needs
  • Plan monthly repayments that are affordable in the long term
  • Make sure you have a reserve for unexpected circumstances
  • Rule out any alternatives
  • Use the borrowed sum conscientiously

Make a fully informed decision

Use the simulator on our site to calculate the ideal term, monthly repayments and the final cost of your different loans. You can then make your decision fully informed of all the facts.

Please note, borrowing money also costs money