Pay online, in stores or transfer money to your account

Would you like to have a cash reserve for major purchases or unforeseen expenses? Then choose Optiline as a convenient solution. It is linked to your credit card, so you simply use your Visa or Mastercard to make purchases, such as travels, clothes or electronic equipment. The Optiline service must be activated, either in your branch or online and is subject to approval.

A balanced budget

Manage your budget efficiently by tailoring your payments to your actual financial situation. You benefit from flexibility so you can meet your obligations in all circumstances.

No additional costs

You only pay interest on the reserve used. If you do not use your reserve, it will cost you nothing.

Life is unpredictable. Protect yourself and your family.

Subscribe to Optiline Protection insurance in order to protect the purchases you make through Optiline. The premium is set at 0.75% of the outstanding balance. You are covered in case of death, disability, accidental damage and theft. This prevents you and your family from financial hardship.

Payments and withdrawals

Pay online and in stores displaying the Visa or Mastercard logo. Use these same cards to withdraw money in tens of thousands of ATMs around the world. Without liability or administrative formalities (see details in the price list). Without any other form of administration.

Adapted payments

Based on your Optiline statement, you can choose how to spread the repayment of your expenditure. You have one obligation: to make a monthly payment amounting up to 5.60% of the outstanding balance (or the overall reserve amount).

Tailored insurance

Do you want to protect yourself and your loved ones against unpleasant surprises? For a premium of 0.75% of the outstanding balance, you will be covered in the event of disability (temporary or permanent), death, accidental damage or theft.

Take advantage of other practical services...

In addition to the insurance described above, there is a range of services available so you can manage your Optiline cash reserve efficiently. Optiline Phone Express provides access to all these services.

Want to know more?

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