Iris, comfort and transparency

Advice from Iris in practice

Based on your investor profile, your wishes and your needs, your Private Banker advises you to invest in parts of the selected funds. Ultimately, you yourself decide whether to subscribe or not, based on the advice and documentation provided. The minimum invested amount to open an Iris contract is EUR 50,000.

Professionally managed

The funds of the Iris universe have the ambition to provide a good return, while strictly respecting the risk level and the previously agreed investment policy. Their management is entrusted to the experts of BNP Paribas Investment Partners, advised by specialists and strategists at BNP Paribas Fortis Private Banking.

A sound risk control

The managers of each fund provide a professional and diversified portfolio, with high-level risk management. In addition, the managers ensure optimal distribution among different types of asset classes: stocks, bonds, alternative investments or cash. This distribution fully respects your risk profile.


Iris is primarily a convenient way of investing. You choose a fund within the Iris universe on the basis of well-founded advice. After that, the fund managers do the work for you, providing the analysis and underlying choices.

"Every three months you will receive a clear overview."

Transparent Monitoring

Iris is also a transparent way of investing. After the initial launch phase, Iris hardly requires any administration. Every three months you will receive a clear overview. This is not limited to the fund in question but gives a detailed update of the financial instruments in which the fund invests. Transparent reporting also means that you get a detailed picture of the evolution of the value and profitability of the funds invested by Iris. Through a personal contract for online banking, you can monitor the performance of your investments every day.