Investment Insurance

What is investment insurance?

Investment insurance is an investment in the form of an insurance contract. Both the aspects of an investment and those of an insurance policy are important, and both have their own specific characteristics. Find out more about investment insurance below.

Which contract should you choose for investment insurance?

The potentially higher return of a branch 23 investment insurance policy

Abranch 23 investment insurance policy gives you a wide range of options. We will recommend a fund to you according to your investor profile and in line with your preferences and objectives. The funds are managed by the Private Banking & Wealth Management specialists or AG Insurance's external managers.

The investment within the insurance can be transferred to another fund without any costs or additional taxes. You can also select the optional protection mechanisms.

The security of a branch 21 investment insurance policy

With a branch 21 investment insurance policy, you benefit from capital protection, a technical interest rate that you know in advance, and possible profit-sharing that can change annually.

You have certainty with this investment insurance policy and can rely on all the benefits that apply to an insurance contract.

The benefits of all types of investment insurance

Flexible premiums

The premiums are flexible: You pay your premium once or regularly. You can also make ad hoc contributions at any time.

Additional income

You can obtain additional income through regular or occasional redemption.

Protection of your loved ones

You can protect your loved ones in the event of death with a beneficiary clause.

Fiscal value of investment insurance 

The taxation of investment insurance differs somewhat from other investment products and is also different for a branch 23 than for a branch 21. This can be of particular interest in some cases.

Would you like more information?

Your Private Banker or your Wealth Manager is at your disposal

Interested? Would you like to know more about investment insurance and this offer's characteristics, risks and costs? Your Private Banker or Wealth Manager will be pleased to answer all your questions.