Investment Advice

Grow your assets

You are convinced that investing is the best way to grow your assets over time. You also realise that making a good investment requires constant monitoring of financial developments and the creation of a coherent portfolio that matches your investor profile.

Your Private Banker, a key player

Take advantage of the expertise of our investment specialists. To do so, you can contact your Private Banker in the manner and time that suits you best. He will also reach out to you on a regular basis for an in-depth discussion about your portfolio and, if necessary, propose solutions for further optimisation. Additionally, you can always refer to the advice of your Private Banker when deliberating a purchase or sale.

Risk control

Your Private Banker regularly provides you with relevant investment information (or at your request). The investment advice is tailored to your portfolio and pays particular attention to risk control. A continuous diagnosis is carried out on the basis of a number of indicators. If one of them reaches a critical value, you will receive a message. Then you can decide for yourself if you want to follow-up on this alert.

Always informed

You regularly receive a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of your portfolio. Additionally, you can follow its daily evolution through online banking.