Discretionary Management

A designated solution

You prefer to leave the management of your assets to a specialist, because you have little time, other priorities, or would like to make use of our investment expertise? Then Discretionary Management is the right solution for you. The minimum invested amount is EUR 1,000,000.

Three essential steps

Discretionary Management means you give us the mandate to manage your assets on your behalf. But to start with, you agree to a framework within which the bank must exercise this management. This framework is based on:

  • your goals and expectations;
  • your investor profile;
  • your investment horizon.

On this basis, your Private Banker or Wealth Manager determines the most appropriate mandate with you.

In-depth financial analysis

Actual investments are based on in-depth financial analysis. Managers base their decisions on two criteria: asset optimisation and strict control of risks. They rely on the investment strategies and recommendations of our Private Bank specialists.

Track your investments

For the duration of your management contract, periodic reports allow you to monitor the evolution of financial markets and your investments. Monitoring can also be done online. Your Private Banker or Wealth Manager remains at your disposal should you require more information on this subject.