Frequently asked questions

We manage your investment portfolio for you

We manage your investments according to your objectives and expectations

Delicated management? We manage your investment portfolio in a personalised manner, using a rigorous risk management approach as required by our specialists’ strategy and recommendations.

You are constantly kept informed of the progress of your investment portfolio

Your Private Banker or portfolio manager keeps you regularly updated on the progress of your investments. And of course, you can always follow up your investments online when you desire.

Find out more about our global, personalised approach for your investments?

Do you have a question about our approach or a specific request? Make an appointment in a Private Banking Centre or contact your Private Banker/Wealth Manager at your best convenience. We're there for you!

A mandate for the management of your investment portfolio

Investing serenely? Entrust the management of your investments to our specialists. They will analyze your financial situation, investment objectives, knowledge and experience. Our methodology is based on strict risk management and a global investment strategy.

This service is exclusively available to our Private Bank customers with a portfolio of at least one million euros.

Real-time supervision of your investments

Your portfolio is in good hands. Moreover, you can monitor the evolution of your portfolio on the Easy Banking Web in real time. Every three months, you receive a detailed report on the evolution your investments. If you wish, your Private Banker or Wealth Manager will be delighted to explain the statement in details.

A global and specific expertise, for you