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Branch 21 and branch 23 investment insurance

Investment insurance policies offer many advantages

With a placement insurance, you invest in an insurance policy. This type of investment boasts its own specificities, including a special tax system and the possibility of additional income.

Investment insurance policies: unlimited freedom

Investment insurance policies protect your close family in the event of your death. You can choose between a branch 21 or branch 23 investment insurance policy and define the exact moment of the payment of the contract.

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Branch 21 or branch 23 investment insurance policy?

Branch 21: guaranteed security

A branch 21 investment insurance policy guarantees the protection of your assets, a technical rate known in advance and possible variable share of profits from one year to the next.

Branch 23: a potentially higher return

With a branch 23 insurance, you invest in one or several funds with optional protection mechanisms. You can transfer your investment from an insurance to another fund without incurring additional costs or taxes.

The advantages of investment insurance policies

Additional income

When you have accumulated a capital in your investment insurance policy, it guarantees an additional income. You can collect the revenue recurrently, occasionally or whenever you choose.

Estate planning

An investment insurance policy proves interesting in terms of estate planning. You are completely free to choose a legatee who will receive the benefit during your lifetime or when you decease.

Flexible premiums

You decide the amount you want to pay in your investment insurance policy. Your premiums are flexible, and can either be paid once or recurrently, as you choose.

Taxation of the investment insurance policy

The taxation of investment insurance policies differs from other investment products. For example, if you keep your branch 21 insurance for more than 8 years or if your branch 23 insurance does not offer a guaranteed return, you benefit from a withholding tax exemption. Moreover, you avoid paying a stock exchange tax. The taxation on your insurance premium amounts to 2%. This taxation can prove particularly interesting in some cases.

A specific investment insurance policy for entrepreneurs?

Branch 26: the investment insurance policy for entrepreneurs

Does your business or institution want to invest in a specific solution? Branch 26 offers various advantages:

  • the combination of a fixed interest rate with a potentially higher return with a possible annual profit-sharing;
  • 8-years duration;
  • a contract made in the name of your company;
  • great flexibility.

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