Frequently asked questions

Which insurance policies can I consult under the 'My insurance' heading?

The 'My insurance' feature allows you to consult all AG Insurance policies offered by BNP Paribas Fortis:

  • of which you are the policyholder;
  • for which you have viewing rights.

You can consult the following insurance policies:

  • Non-life insurance: Top Home, Top Family, Third-Party Motor Insurance, etc.
  • Investment insurance: Free Invest Plan, Easy Fund Plan, Junior Life, etc.
  • Life insurance: Loan Protection Insurance, Pension Invest Plan, Home Invest Plan, etc.

What can I do if certain insurance policies are not included in the 'My insurance' summary?

If you are a policyholder or have viewing rights for a certain insurance policy that does not appear in Easy Banking, please call +32 (0)2 433 40 31 to see if our help desk can add the insurance policy for you.

Which insurance policies are not included in the 'My insurance' summary?

Insurance policies with a specific correspondence address will not appear in Easy Banking. Insurance policies for which you have no viewing rights will not appear in Easy Banking either. For example, the policyholder of your group insurance is a company. You do not have viewing rights in this case.