Motor home insurance

Take the road knowing you're covered

Whether in Belgium or on holiday, you love sitting behind the wheel of your motor home. Even more so, you like to know that the motor home, your passengers and yourself are fully insured against any motoring risk. This is what we offer you with our Motor home insurance, especially designed to meet the needs of those who love freedom and the wide, open spaces.

Motor home third party liability

Third party liability is compulsory. You can benefit from a -2 grade no-claims bonus (Belgian quotation system) for life. It also entitles you to assistance and a replacement vehicle.

If you haven't had any accident at the wheel of your motor home for 5 years, you benefit from the Turbo Bonus, a favourable calculation system that does not take previous accidents into account. You'll reach the -2 no-claims bonus more quickly.

Third Party Max insurance

Our offer covers more than the essentials, even though the Motor home third party liability we offer is already very comprehensive.

While benefitting from Third Party Max insurance (as soon as you reach the -2 no-claims Bonus, the Belgian system of quotation is the lowest at AG Insurance), you benefit of up to €250,000 compensation for injury as the driver. And on top of it, it's free and automatically part of your contract .

Top Omnium

Especially designed to cover damage to your motor home, Top Omnium brings many advantages. What to take on the road for complete peace of mind.

You can enjoy from 6 months or 10,000 kilometres without a decrease in your motor home's insured value after its first outing on the road. You even get a replacement vehicle if your motor home is stolen.

Motor home+ Pack

Is your new motor home your pride and joy? Cover it with the protection it deserves by subscribing to the Motor home+ Pack.

Linked to Top Omnium, the Motor home + Pack offers additional guarantees or improves existing guarantees. So the period of maintaining the insured value increases to 18 months, and accessories and personal effects are also covered when you travel.

A tailor-made deductible

After an accident, repairs often result in significant costs. If you are well covered, your insurance will take care of these. You can even determine the deductible you want to apply (based on the value of the motor home). This way your motor home remains brand new.