Top Vehicle Moto

Top Motorcycle Vehicle Insurance is an additional cover alongside your Motorcycle insurance

Your bike is in good hands

Bikes are your passion and you don't want anything to put a damper on that. We understand. So it is important to give your bike the best protection. By taking out a Top Motorcycle Vehicle policy you are giving your bike real comprehensive insurance, just like you would for your car. First benefit: you enjoy six months without your bike losing any of its value compared to the purchase price.

Your comprehensive

For your comprehensive cover, you decide the level of the cover. You want to extend the already wide range of protection (theft, fire, glass, forces of nature, collision with animals) provided by the 'small comprehensive'? Then include damage caused by any accident or an accident involving other people and opt for the 'large comprehensive' .

Your repair garage

Select an authorized repair shop to repair your bike. Then you will also be able to have a replacement vehicle during the repairs. But you are free to choose whoever you want to give your bike the tender care you think it ought to have.

Your excess

Carrying out repairs after an accident is always an unplanned expense. You can choose your own excess (3 or 6% of the value of the bike) in order to give it maximum protection in the way you expect.

Some small advantages...

... that make a difference for enthusiasts like you

Did you opt for Top Motorcycle Vehicle to cover damage to your own bike? No doubt about it: you are a true enthusiast and you want to avoid any unpleasant surprises. You already read it above, you will not see any drop in your bike's value for the first six months after purchase, should it be a write-off. The same is true if it is stolen. Under these circumstances, we will even provide you with a replacement vehicle for up to a maximum of 30 days. To top it all off your premium does not increase after a claim.