Top Omnium

Top Omnium Insurance is additional cover beside your Vehicle Insurance

A franchise of your choice

The comprehensive insurance protects your vehicle against all kind of damage, in Belgium and abroad. We offer six different franchise amounts (fixed amount you pay in case of accident). There is even a EUR 0 option! You can therefore be sure of having an insurance policy that matches your expectations and your needs. But that is not the only benefit of our Top Omnium insurance policy.

Your car does not lose its value

In case of theft or write-off, your car will not lose value if it has less than 10,000 km on the odometer.

In order to lose value, your vehicle must be more than six months old. The cherry on the pie : in case of write-off, we will also refund you the road tax.

You choose who repairs

Do you have a garage mechanic you particularly like and really trust?

Let him carry out the repair ! Plus, if he is an certified repair garage, you will be provided with a replacement vehicle completely free of charge.

Your replacement vehicle...

Imagine : you realize that your car has been stolen. Or your car needs to be repaired.

Except if it has less than 10,000 km on the counter or is less than six months old, it keeps its value, you will get a replacement vehicle for up to 30 days.

You are covered, everywhere...

The coverage offered by Top Omnium is applied throughout Belgium.

This also counts for all the countries listed on your green card. So you can take the road without a care in the world.

One insurance...

... two levels of coverage

When you subscribe a Top Omnium insurance policy, which is an optional vehicle insurance policy from AG Insurance, you can choose between two levels of coverage.

The 'Multirisk' - the mini-comprehensive from AG Insurance - covering theft, fire, glass breakage, forces of nature, as well as collision with animals. Moreover, with Top Omnium insurance you can enjoy having no excess for some types of accidents.

If you add the 'Material damage' coverage, to get full comprehensive coverage, you will be covered for any damage you or a third party may cause to your vehicle.

Want to know more?

Select the Omnium+ Pack and add further protection to the Top Omnium cover that already gives you plenty of peace of mind. Examples? You can drive 24,000 kilometres and have 24 months coverage without having your vehicle losing its value. And your winter snow tyres are covered too. And these are just a few examples.