Top Occasium

Top Occasium Insurance is additional insurance cover alongside your Vehicle insurance

Your second-hand car is protected just like a brand new car!

You have bought yourself a second-hand car to drive around in your new country of residence. A quality second-hand vehicle that you want to protect properly. Top Occasium Insurance, in addition to your compulsory Vehicle insurance, provides a solution that meets your expectations. Even a second-hand vehicle is an investment that will last for several years. Top Occasium is the only insurance policy available that allows you to cover it properly.

You pay an adjusted premium

As much as your second-hand car did cost, it is obviously less expensive than its list price. In order to offer you a premium insurance that exactly matches the real value of your purchase, we calculate it on the basis of the purchase price.

You define your franchise

In case of accident, the franchise is often a deterrent to making repairs. With the 'active' franchise system you can choose a responsible approach, which in a nutshell means that the more you reduce the repair costs, the lower your franchise gets.

You keep control

After an accident, you really want your car to be repaired promptly. You can even choose your own repair garage. But be aware that if you opt for an certified repair garage, you will be provided with a replacement vehicle during the repair period.

A flexible insurance...

... two levels of coverage

When you take out a Top Occasium policy, you can choose between two levels of coverage.

The 'Multirisk', the mini-comprehensive from AG Insurance, covering theft, fire, glass breakage, forces of nature, as well as collision with animals. In addition, this coverage provides you 'active franchise' in case of a damage.

If you add in the 'material damage' coverag, to get full comprehensive cover, you will be covered for any damage you or a third party may cause to your vehicle.

Want to know more ?

By subscribing to an Occasium+ Pack you add 6 specific warranties to the already numerous warranty Top Occasium provides you:

  • Your vehicle will not lose any of its value for the first 12 months from the date of purchase (date of invoice).
  • You will enjoy a replacement vehicle of the same level in the event of theft.
  • You can have a replacement vehicle (7 days max.), while repairs are being carried out by an approved garage.
  • You are covered for up to EUR 2,000 for items in or on your car that were damaged at the time of an accident.
  • You receive more compensation (up to EUR 2,000) for accessories or items that were lost.
  • You receive up to EUR 1,000 to cover your snow tyres in case of total loss or theft, even if they were not fitted on the car.