Top Assistance Insurance

Top Assistance acts as complementary cover alongside your Motor Insurance policy

We are there for you 24/7 in Belgium and abroad

Have you just set up home in Belgium and been involved in a breakdown, road accident or had your vehicle stolen? Are you suffering from illness or injury, either at home or abroad? Has your home been damaged? Your Top Assistance cover, taken out in addition to your AG Insurance Public Liability Motor Insurance policy, provides you with immediate assistance. Its comprehensive coverage means this emergency assistance policy gives you effective support when you break down or face other difficulties.

Simply call us and we will do the rest. Call 0800 55 505 and we will assist you straight away at any time, wherever you are.

A problem with your car?

We handle everything for you: your car is either repaired at the roadside or towed to a garage.

If it proves impossible to repair your vehicle within 24 hours or your car has been stolen, we will provide you with a replacement vehicle for up to 15 days in Belgium and up to 7 days in any other country.

Are you suffering from illness? Injury?

We pay for medical care or the cost of staying in hospital, up to a limit of EUR 50,000 per person.

The costs of search, rescue and repatriation are also refunded to you.

Do you have a problem with your home in Belgium?

We offer you the assistance of professionals such as plumbers, carpenters, electricians, locksmiths and glaziers, etc.

Has your home suffered extensive damage? We take care of finding you a hotel and organise the surveillance of your property.

In a breakdown or accident, what should you do?

Call the free phone number 0800 55 505 (in Belgium) or 00 32 78 55 505 (from abroad) and we will help you straight away.

When and where does cover apply?

If you are involved in an accident or your vehicle breaks down, you are insured in all countries listed on your green card. If you are ill, injured, and/or you need to arrange to return home, Top Assistance cover can help you wherever you are in the world! Has a problem arisen at your home in Belgium? The Top Assistance policy gets help to you quickly, anywhere in Belgium.

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