Legal Cover for your Vehicle

Legal Protection Insurance is an additional cover to your car insurance

Always have access to the right people

When you move abroad, it's not always easy to understand the laws of the country. Contacting the other people involved. Discussing everyone's liability. After an accident, defending your rights to the best of your ability is not always easy. Thanks to the Legal Protection Insurance, you will have access to lawyers and experts who will be by your side to guide you through the proceedings. This insurance is offered to customers who have taken out car insurance with AG Insurance.

Firstly, by mutual consent...

Our specialists take care of any legal file in order to spare you significant financial consequences. Managing the file is done privately at first, in order to come to a solution between the parties.

...then in the appropriate courts of law

Amicable solutions are not always possible. That is why your Legal Protection Insurance will take care of paying any legal fees and costs. Our experts and legal counsel then look for a rapid solution to the problem.

A solution with complete independence

Taking out legal protection insurance secures you the services of Providis, which puts independent experts specialised in juridical protection at your disposal. You also know that you will be defended correctly in the event of a dispute with a tradesman such as a garage owner, bodyshop, etc.

Is the liable third party insolvent? Your legal protection comes to the rescue here, too, and pays you a €20,000 advance on your future compensation. Overall, there is up to €50,000 at your disposal for effectively handling all your accidents.

Up to €50,000 cover

  • if you have to defend yourself from civil or criminal charges
  • if the third party refuses to compensate you
  • if you have an administrative dispute associated with your car
  • if you are in dispute with a professional in the automobile sector
  • if you want to challenge a valuation report