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Your obligations... and much more!

You are currently living in Belgium and have just bought a new or a second-hand car. Or you want to switch to another insurance company. One thing is sure, third party liability, as well as Belgian registration, are compulsory. By choosing our Third Party Liability Car insurance, you will be taking care of more than the essential. In fact, it gives plenty of benefits which you will discover here below.

What does no-claims bonus stand for ?

Your no-claims bonus is set according to your past insurance record in your home country. This is a personalised system that determines how much you will pay per year. If you don't have a past record, your no-claims bonus will be set at the maximum rate (12), the lowest being -2. If you haven't had an accident during the last 5 years, you will immediately start at the lowest rate. Once it has been reached, you will pay the lowest premiums for life.

Your mobility is maintained

In case of accident or even a flat tyre you get free assistance immediately. And for any accident in Belgium (up to 30 kilometres beyond the border), if the damage caused doesn't allow you to drive your car anymore, a replacement vehicle is provided for 24 hours. And it won't cost you a penny.

Constantly decreasing no-claims bonus

Thanks to the Turbo-bonus system, any accident occurred more than 5 years ago is not taken into account while calculating your no-claims bonus. Thanks to this system, you rapidly reach the lowest level (-2), which you will benefit of for the rest of your life. This is only valid if you can provide us with a past record from your insurance company in your country.

Third Party Max: a good driver's bonus

You are very careful on the road and you already reached the -2 no-claims bonus (Belgian customisation system) ? You will automatically receive the Third Party Max benefit on top of the Third Party Liability Car insurance mentioned above. It allows you to receive up to 250,000 EUR of compensation for injury to the other driver, in an accident you may have caused or when nobody else is involved.

Third Party Max is available for everyone and has many benefits:

  • You are covered against (almost) all risks on the road.
  • You get Third Party Max free as soon as you reach the lowest no-claims bonus (Belgian quotation system).
  • Third Party Max covers any other person driving your vehicle.
  • Third Party Max XL is an additional option that covers injury to passengers, among other things, even when you are abroad.
  • ...

Solutions for a real peace of mind

In addition to the compulsory Third PartyLiability, you are able to customize your car insurance as you wish. Take a look at the solutions here beneath and sit behind the wheel in full serenity.

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