Annual Travel Insurance by Europ Assistance

Discover the world with Annual Travel Insurance!

Would you like to spend winter in the mountains and summer by the ocean? How about taking a few months off to go and explore the world? Or perhaps you have a few city trips in mind? Whatever your plans, Annual Travel Insurance provides customised cover for all your trips abroad throughout the year. Because your needs may differ from those of other travellers, you benefit from customised cover abroad at a customised price. Should anything go wrong, experts can assist you 24 hours a day, wherever you are in the world.

Annual Travel Insurance is an assistance insurance policy under Belgian law (branch 18) provided by Europ Assistance and distributed by BNP Paribas Fortis. The policy lasts for one year and is renewed automatically.

Annual Travel Insurance for discovering the whole world

Travel without a care thanks to:

  • customised cover anywhere in the world;
  • 24 hours a day, all year long;
  • for an individual, couple or family;
  • additional assistance tailored to your needs.

Have your car insured for your travels, the whole year through

Are you travelling around Europe by car, motorbike or in a mobile home? Make sure you do not have to leave your vehicle at the roadside if it breaks down!

When you take out an Annual Travel Insurance policy, add the "Vehicle" option. You are guaranteed a speedy, reassuring solution which includes breakdown assistance and towing (up to two vehicles covered) throughout Europe. In case you have to wait while your vehicle is being repaired, your accommodation and transport costs will also be covered.

Life is more peaceful with a Trip Cancellation Insurance

Was your passport stolen a few days before departure? Are you unable to go on a trip you've been planning for a long time because of illness, a car accident or exam resits? It's not ideal, to put it lightly. Make sure you add Trip Cancellation Insurance to your Annual Travel Insurance and side-step any such problems.  

The main risks covered by Annual Travel Insurance

Julie and Bernard have decided to set off for three months to explore the world. Nature lovers, the couple find themselves on the Inca Trail in Peru. All of a sudden, a howler monkey hurtles into Bernard's legs, who then slips and breaks his hand. He is taken to the nearest hospital. For Bernard to be treated, the couple can use local health services without any unpleasant surprises because the medical costs which he would have to pay will be covered by his insurer. During their long trip, Julie and Bernard decide to explore Argentina. Just a few days after their arrival, they are bedridden with a high fever and have little appetite. As the couple does not understand the local language, Bernard contacts Europ Assistance who then send a doctor with whom they can communicate. The diagnosis is clear: they have contracted yellow fever, an illness requiring hospitalisation. After six days in hospital their condition has not improved, so the couple can be brought back to Belgium.

The main risks not covered by Annual Travel Insurance

Sophie and Yves enjoy holidaying by the sea, and are making the most of a ten-day break in Malaysia. Yves was already feeling ill before they left, and decides to visit a local doctor. This consultation will not be covered by his insurer. Several days later, Sophie wakes up with a back problem. In order to resolve this annoying situation, she seeks the help of a local chiropractor. This treatment is not recognised by the INAMI/RIZIV and therefore cannot be reimbursed by the couple's insurer. Tempted by the great outdoors, Yves and Sophie had planned to extend their journey to Malaysia with a stay in Australia. After several days at their destination, Sophie is bitten by a bullet ant. She spends the next 24 hours suffering dreadfully. Sick of these horrible experiences, the couple decides to return to Belgium as quickly as possible so they can continue their holiday at home. Their return trip home will not be arranged or covered by their insurer. 

The above list of covered and non-covered risks is not comprehensive.

For information on the exact scope of the cover, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of this product which can be found further down the page. Alternatively, you can obtain them free of charge in any branch or by calling the Easy Banking Centre on +32 (0)2 762 20 00.

Not satisfied?

Complaints can be addressed to BNP Paribas Fortis Complaints Management, Montagne du Parc/Warandeberg 3, B-1000 Brussels, Fax +32 (0)2 228 72 00. Alternatively, complaints may also be sent to the Insurance Ombudsman, 35 Square de Meeûs/De Meeûssquare, B-1000 Brussels. Tel. : 02/547 58 71 – Fax : 02/547 59 75 -

Total peace of mind on the other side of the world

Something constituting a small hiccup in Belgium can become a complete nightmare abroad. When you take out Annual Travel Insurance, you have an entire team of experts by your side during your trip to:

  • send you 1 bag containing your personal effects (clothing, medication, health products, etc.);
  • assist you if you lose your ID documents or travel tickets (information and transport and administrative costs up to EUR 125);
  • assist you if you are prosecuted by local courts for alleged offences that you did not commit (advances for the bail amount up to EUR 12,500 and lawyer's fees up to EUR 1,250).

What is not covered?

Our assistance services do not cover:

  • sending more than 1 bag per traveller;
  • sending bank cards, credit cards, cheques;
  • subsequent court proceedings in Belgium resulting from a case brought against you abroad.

There for your loved ones when they need it most

If you must spend more than five days in hospital abroad, a loved one from Belgium can join you, at no extra cost.

Your Annual Travel Insurance also covers your early return to Belgium if:

  • a close relation who has remained in Belgium has to stay in hospital for more than 5 days or dies unexpectedly;
  • your home is seriously damaged (fire, water damage, storm damage, explosion, theft from break-in, etc.).

What is not covered?

Our assistance services will not be able to organise or cover your early return to Belgium if:

  • your family member's stay in hospital will not exceed 5 days, it was expected and the state of his or her health does not justify your presence at his/her bedside.  
  • you ask to be returned home but you have benign conditions or injuries that can be treated on the spot and do not prevent you from continuing your journey or stay.

Take out your Annual Travel Insurance in just a few minutes

  • You can choose customised insurance online or confirm your application over the phone.
  • You will then benefit from customised cover abroad at a customised price.
  • You can opt to be covered by your insurance from the day after you apply.

Please read the information to the bottom of the page before running the simulation and making an application.

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Legal Information

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