Loan protection insurance

Optiline Protection

Protect yourself and your family from the consequences of total disability (temporary or permanent) and death, as well as accidental damage or theft of a possession paid with Optiline. AG Insurance's Optiline Protection insures your Optiline cash reserve, through the payment of a small premium. This premium varies every month according to your remaining credit balance.

Rondo Protection

AG Insurance's Rondo Protection insures your Rondo card, through the payment of a small premium. It protects you from the consequences of fraud involving theft or loss, as well as in the event of death or total disability (temporary or permanent).

Installment Loan Insurance

AG Insurance's Instalment Loan Insurance protects your family against financial problems associated with your death, should this occur during your loan period, or if you become completely disabled.

What are the insured risks?

  • In the event of the insured person's death, AG Insurance repays the outstanding balance of the loan to the bank.
  • In the event of total disability (66% or more), after a 90-day deductible period, AG Insurance takes charge of the monthly loan payments and associated insurance premiums, until the end of the loan or period of total disability.
  • Naturally, the death benefits continue to be valid during the period of total disability.

Cash Reserve Insurance

In the event of death of the (co-)holder of the cash reserves, AG Insurance's Cash Reserves Insurance repays the outstanding balance on this credit facility.


In the event of the insured person's death, the compensation provided increases to the maximum:

  • to the outstanding balance of the credit facility on the day of death;
  • to the amount of the agreed credit facility;
  • to €50,000 per insured person and per cash reserve facility.


Calculation of the premium is done in the same way as calculating interest on the cash reserve. Consequently, no premium is charged if the credit facility remains unused and the insured person is always properly insured (no over-insurance).