Current Expense Insurance

Protect your budget in case you lose your job and in case of total disability

In Belgium as elsewhere, you risk having some problems should you lose your job or become totally unfit for work, trying to cover your day-to-day expenses, like rent, repaying loans, school costs, etc. Take out a policy to cover household expenses and cover these ongoing costs thanks to a monthly payment of EUR 500 or EUR 1,000 (your choice) for up to 12 months.

Monthly payment

Do you have a steady job (open-ended contract), but want to be sure you could meet your regular bills if you were totally unfit for work or lost your job?

The Household expenses insurance policy entitles you to a monthly payment of either EUR 500 or EUR 1,000 (your choice) for a period of up to 12 months.

This means you will be able to pay your rent, the repayments on your loans, the school costs for your children etc. In addition, these payments are not taxed!

In case you lose your job and in case of total disability

And if you become unfit for work and lose your job at the same time? The Household expenses insurance cuts in jointly.

In case of loss of employment, the qualifying period before receiving your payments is 180 days. In the event of disability, this delay does not apply. However, receipt of your monthly payments is subject to a minimum delay of 90 days ("excess" period).

This type of insurance covers "involuntary loss of employment" (excluding resignation, retirement or dismissal for serious misconduct).

Easy to take out

It is a very simple procedure to take out this policy online: if you meet the criteria, all you need to do is send in your completed application form, a proof of your status as an employee and a certificate of good health.

Two options

You can choose between:

  • a monthly payment of EUR 500 net, by paying a monthly premium of EUR 14;
  • a monthly payment of EUR 1,000 net, by paying a monthly premium of EUR 28.

Declared incapacitated for work and no job?

  • Contact us within 120 days.
  • Send us one of the following documents: a certificate of "loss of employment", that is a copy of the C4 form filled out by your employer, or the declaration from ONEM (National Employment Office) or the body paying the unemployment benefits that confirms that you meet all the conditions for the claim, and indicating the date of the first payment; a certificate of "total invalidity", namely a medical certificate from your doctor. The existence, the duration and level of invalidity will be determined by a doctor acting as consultant to the insurer, based on the information supplied.

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