Account insurance

In Belgium and abroad, total disability or death, apart from bringing grief, will have financial consequences for your family. Sound insurance will enable them to come through this difficult time.

Account Insurance

AG Insurance account insurance is accident insurance linked to your current account or savings account. In the event of accidental death, your family receives compensation equivalent to the balance of your current account or savings account.


The amount of compensation provided per insured account amounts to a minimum of €2,500 and a maximum of €50,000. The maximum total per insured person amounts to €125,000.


  • You pay a yearly premium of €4.25 per current account and/or savings account.
  • The reference account of your Premium Pack or your Comfort Pack is insured free of charge.

Custody Account Insurance

In the event of the accidental death of the (co-)holder of the insured custody account, AG Insurance's Custody Account Insurance guarantees you payment of 35% of the insured value of your custody account on the day of the accident (while taking into account minimum and maximum payments).


The minimum payment per insured custody account is €2,500, even if the insured value of the credit in question is less. The maximum payment per custody account is €62,000. The maximum total per insured person amounts to €124,000.


Custody Account Insurance costs €14.80 per year (including tax) per custody account.