Theft insurance

Theft Home Insurance is an additional coverage you can add to your owner's Top Home Insurance

The best home insurance against theft as well as any damage caused by burglary.

Opt for theft warranty as an extension to your Top Home fire insurance by AG Insurance. You will receive compensation for items that are stolen. In addition, any damage caused by the burglars to your house and its contents by an (attempted) burglary will also be refunded. You are also covered against violent theft or threats in the street, anywhere in the world.

Compensation after a burglary

You are insured for the theft of the entire contents of the insured household. This also applies to valuables such as jewellery, collections, computers, mobile phones, tablets, smartphones, etc.

In addition, you are insured against:

  • the theft of heating fuel (from a tank under cylinder lock)
  • the theft of any contents you have transferred to a temporary residence (such as a holiday house)
  • theft from your garden shed (if locked)

Damage caused by burglars during a burglary (or attempted burglary) is also reimbursed.

You are also covered in the street

You are insured against violent theft or threats, even in the street and anywhere in the world.

Theft inside your car (such as bag theft) or while you are in your car, is also considered as violent theft.

Prevention is rewarded

You will be granted a 20 % discount on the theft insurance premium if you install a burglar-deterrent door (approved by BOSEC) at the home entrance.

If you voluntarily install an approved alarm system (approved by INCERT) linked to a monitoring centre, you will get a 30% discount on your insurance premium for theft or a free Security Pack (other conditions apply).

These discounts cannot be combined.

What do I do in case of an incident?

  • Report it immediately to the police.
  • Report your incident within 24 hours and supply the number of the police record to your claims manager.
  • Block any stolen bank or credit cards using Card Stop.
  • Gather purchase proofs of the missing items (invoices or receipts, packagings, photos, guarantees, etc.). Therefore, you should take photos of all your valuable items beforehand, make copies of your invoices or similar documents and do not only keep them on your (portable) computer.

Where and when are you covered?

You are protected against theft in Belgium for the contents of your insured house, and for any damage caused by the (attempted) robbery.

You can rely on theft cover around the world in the case of (attempted) burglary with violence or threats, or theft of your contents that you have moved to temporary accommodation.

You must lock all external doors and windows when you are not there. If you have an alarm system, it must be activated.

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