Tenant Pack

The Tenant Pack acts as complementary cover alongside your Top Home Tenant Insurance policy

Legal, practical and financial protection ensure your tenancy runs smoothly

You rent a house or apartment in Belgium and you would like to enjoy your home without the hassle, exactly like the owners. The cover provided by the Tenant Insurance Pack gives you peace of mind when you rent your home.

Legal protection

Specialists are available to inform and advise you on any questions you may have about your tenancy agreement. You also have a list of approved experts who can give you impartial assistance to draw up a property inventory on arrival/departure.

Are you in dispute with the owner of the property? Our experts will help you reach an amicable agreement. Should action be taken in the courts, you will also be compensated for any costs incurred. We will pay you up to EUR 25,000 for procedural costs, plus legal and valuation fees.

Financial support

Have you lost your job, or has the landlord (owner) decided to live in the property? If you must leave your rented property before the end of the tenancy, you will receive financial support:

  • we will pay you an advance equivalent to 2 months' rent up to a maximum of EUR 2,000 to help you pay for a new rental guarantee;
  • you will also receive compensation of up to EUR 500 to cover your cost of moving house before the end of your tenancy.

Do you need to find alternative accommodation quickly for a short period of time, for example because renovation works mean you cannot live in your home? In this case, we will make a fixed payment of EUR 150 per day for a maximum of 5 days to cover the cost of temporary accommodation.

24-hour assistance

Thanks to your Tenant insurance, you can call out a professional to assist you at home 24 hours a day.

This person may be a plumber, electrician, locksmith, etc. who can resolve the problem for you quickly when an unforeseen event prevents the normal use of your rented property.

Up to 3 times per year, we will pay for call-out fees and the first two hours' work up to a maximum of EUR 200, with no excess charged to you.

What should you do to report a loss or dispute?

You can call a specialist who will manage your case.

When and what for am I covered ?

You are covered by the Tenant Insurance Pack guarantees for your rented property in Belgium, providing this is your main residence and it is insured by a Top Home insurance policy.

A period of 4 months must elapse before you can benefit from:

  • legal protection (if you are the plaintiff or you are in discussions regarding damage to the rental property). No waiting period applies as far as conciliation is concerned;
  • financial support (advance payment to cover a rental guarantee and repayment of costs) if you need to move house before the end of your tenancy following the bankruptcy of your employer.

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