Top Home fire insurance

The best protection for your rental property

Do you have a house or an apartment in Belgium that you want to rent out? The insurance Top Home by AG Insurance protects your rented property against any damage - the result, perhaps, of a storm, fire or flood - whether it is covered by the tenant's liability or not. You are also insured against vandalism.

A clear insurance approach which does everything

We clearly inform you about the level of protection for your home. With Top Home fire insurance, you are protecting your house, apartment and content against the following types, among others, of damage:

  • fire, explosion and implosion
  • ​lightning strike, storm and hail
  • vandalism
  • damage caused by electricity
  • snow and the weight of snow
  • water damage
  • broken glass

In these cases, Top Household fire insurance covers all kinds of damage that are clearly listed in the general terms and conditions, with very few exceptions.

Twenty-four hour assistance effective compensation

In case of damage, you can contact our claims managers on the TeleClaims service, day and night.

In case of a claim, we will respond rapidly to implement initial emergency measures: keeping a watch on your home, organizing care for your children and pets, covering the costs of temporary lodgings if your home is uninhabitable, etc.

In case of an emergency, a construction professional will immediately come to repair damage to the roof of your home or fix a leak, etc.

And if you lose your keys or lock yourself out, the intervention of a locksmith is also covered.

We take care of all the procedures in order to pay you compensation as rapidly as possible. In most cases repayment comes through within two weeks or less.

Solar panels are also covered

Do you care about the environment? Your 'green' investments - solar panels, photovoltaic panels, insulation systems and ventilation - installed in your rental property are all covered.

Customized protection

You plan to transform your property? Do you want compensation if your tenant leaves before the end of the lease? Do you need legal insurance? Or do you want to transfer liability to your tenant for fire insurance? We can adjust your Top Home fire insurance with options and packs that meet your needs and wishes.

Prevention is the best cure

  • Regularly check the condition of your house roof, to check if the tiles are still properly fixed.
  • Do you suspect there is a pipe leaking in your house? Don't wait till your house's flooded. Contact your insurance company and a specialist to fix it as soon as possible.

The premium for your Top Home fire insurance

There is no fixed rate for fire insurance. The insurance premium depends, among other things, on the size of your house or apartment and also on the content insured.

Thanks to the Mini-system, it is really easy to calculate how you are going to insure your home and its content. Count the number of rooms and enter this on the inventory. On basis of this information, the simulator will indicate the amount of your insurance premium.

How to make a claim?

  • Call the TeleClaims service on 0800 96 040. You will immediately get help from a specialist. He will help you to implement the first emergency measures and will pay any costs for keeping a watch on your home.
  • Take photos of the incident.
  • In very urgent cases, you can rely on immediate intervention, day or night, from a construction professional. He will take any initial steps that are necessary: cover your roof, stop a leak, etc.
  • You can also opt for compensation 'in kind'. A professional will soon be at your home and we will pay the bill. This avoids paying an excess.

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