Landlord Pack

Legal and financial protection ensures your tenancy runs smoothly

You are the owner of a rented house or apartment and you want to ensure you benefit from the best possible protection. You would like to protect your property against damage and all other risks, but also make sure that, as the owner of the property, you are protected too.

The Landlord Insurance Pack from AG Insurance offers 5 different types of cover and a high limit of compensation; it is therefore the most comprehensive solution for landlords. This insurance product is one of a kind in Belgium!

Your rent paid for up to 12 months

Your rent is paid for a period of up to 12 months if your tenant fails to pay.

We first attempt to find a solution acceptable to both parties. If these attempts fail, and the amount of unpaid rent (excluding charges) exceeds the rental guarantee, we initiate court proceedings.There are significant advantages for you:

  • You have nothing to pay up front for procedural costs or legal and valuation fees. After the judgement, AG Insurance will even pay any costs incurred to evict your tenant.
  • Before the judgement, you receive financial support through an advance payment of unpaid rent (excluding charges) for an amount equivalent to the rental guarantee.
  • If the court rules in your favour, we will also pay you the remaining amount of insured rent awarded to you in the judgement, up to a total amount of 12 months' rent maximum, with no excess charged to you. This means the money you are owed is paid to you directly, and we then try to recover the compensation paid to you from the tenant. This cover can only be claimed twice for the same tenant after a period of 3 years has elapsed since the first intervention.

Rental damage covered

Has your tenant caused damage to your house or apartment? With the Landlord Insurance Pack, you benefit from legal and financial assistance.

In addition, the Landlord Insurance Pack covers damage caused by the tenant if its value exceeds that of the rental guarantee.

The difference is paid to you up to an amount equal to 12 months' rent.

Before legal proceedings end, you receive an advance payment equal to the rental guarantee so that you can pay any initial costs.

Compensation when a tenant vacates early

As a landlord, the risk that your tenant could vacate the property before the end of the tenancy is too significant to be ignored.

Should this occur, you will receive compensation equal to 1 month's rent, providing the tenant's early departure is caused by the death or permanent incapacity (of at least 25%) of a person residing at the rental property.

Legal protection in a dispute

There are numerous other events that can lead to a dispute with your tenant.

With the Landlord Insurance Pack, you benefit from particularly extensive legal protection that applies not only in cases of unpaid rent and damage to the property, but also to any kind of dispute arising from the tenancy agreement.

Assistance for landlords

Do you prefer to appoint professionals to carry out maintenance or repair works on your rental property?

If this is the case, you can call on Property Assist to help you find the most suitable people.

Within 48 hours, this help service will put you in touch with a professional to carry out the work. Following a visit to the property, a quote in line with market rates is sent to you by post within 3 days.

What should you do to report a loss or dispute?

With the Landlord Insurance Pack, a simple telephone call puts you in direct contact with one of our legal protection experts. This expert will contact your tenant with a view to reaching a mediated settlement (potentially via a lawyer). If this stage is unsuccessful, you can initiate court proceedings.

When and where does cover apply?

You are covered by the Landlord Insurance Pack guarantees for a house or apartment in Belgium that you rent out, providing it is your tenant's main residence and it is insured by a Top Home policy.

"Rental damage" cover applies where a property inventory is drawn up at the start and end of the tenancy. Both landlord and tenant must be present during the check-in and check-out procedure. Both documents must be dated on the day they take place.

Acceptance of a Landlord Pack application is based on the property's monthly rental (excluding charges). A minimum rental amount is stipulated, based on property type and postcode.

To benefit from legal protection, unpaid rent and rental damage cover, a period of 4 months must elapse between the effective date of the Landlord Pack and the date the tenancy agreement is signed. However, legal protection is available to you during a conciliation process involving you and your tenant.

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