Fire Insurance legal protection

The Fire Insurance legal protection policy acts as complementary cover alongside your Top Home Homeowner's policy

You benefit from the best legal protection available if your home is damaged

What should you do if damage caused to your property and its contents by a third party is not covered by your household insurance policy? The legal protection cover offered as part of the Top Home Fire Insurance policy from AG insurance enables you to receive compensation from the person responsible.

Quick access to legal protection

You will be assisted by experts who will defend your rights swiftly and effectively if you bring a civil case against a third party, or where you are in dispute with your fire insurance provider or have to defend yourself in a criminal court

Your costs refunded up to a limit of EUR 50,000

When you take out Fire Insurance legal protection cover, you are insured for up to EUR 50,000 if you wish to initiate court proceedings against the party responsible for the damage. The Fire Insurance legal protection option covers you for expenses and fees related to:

  • investigations and valuations
  • legal representatives
  • court action

Third party insolvency covered

When you choose Fire Insurance legal protection, you receive an advance payment of up to EUR 20,000 if the liability of a third party is established beyond any doubt. If the person responsible for the damage is unable to compensate you, Fire Insurance legal protection cover will cover the cost of the damage up to a maximum of EUR 15,000.

If the third party does not pay for the excess on your policy, you will receive an advance payment for this amount up to a maximum of EUR 242.23 (June 2013 index; base year 1981).

As for the legal representative, the choice is yours

In the case of a claim leading to court proceedings, you have the right to appoint your own legal representative to defend your interests.

Second valuation costs covered

If your interpretation of your policy differs from that of your fire insurance provider, you can request assistance under your Fire Insurance legal protection cover.

And if you disagree with the amount awarded in compensation of the claim by your Top Home policy, your Fire Insurance legal protection cover will pay for a second expert valuation.

What should you do in case of damage ?

Call TeleClaims on freephone 0800 96 040. An advisor will put you in contact with Providis, which provides legal protection for AG Insurance. The employees of Providis focus exclusively on the management of legal protection cases.

They will keep you regularly informed about the progress of your file; some legal protection cases can take some time to reach a resolution.

When and where does the coverage apply?

You are entitled to assistance under your Fire Insurance legal protection cover for any insured damage that occurs in Belgium.

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