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Hospitalisation Plus insurance

Being hospitalised should not cost a fortune

Every year, one family out of three faces a hospital admission. Despite partial reimbursement from legally required health insurance, costs are often higher than expected, for example because you chose a single room or because some of the costs are not covered by your health insurance. As a result, being hospitalised soon becomes a financial stress.

So you need an appropriate insurance for hospital stays. One you can rely on to cover you immediately, at any time and in all circumstances. Hospitalisation insurance is a select offer by BNP Paribas Fortis. Find out the many benefits of this insurance policy now.

Peace of mind and freedom of choice

The Hospitalisation Plus policy covers costs arising from required hospitalisation (illness, accident, childbirth, etc.) not covered by your health insurance. You are compensated regardless of the length of the stay or the amount of the costs (which depends on the cover you choose).

You can choose your hospital, your doctor and your type of room (for example a single room for childbirth).

Covers more than just hospitalisation

You may also be faced with medical bills before and after being in hospital. Hospitalisation insurance guarantees you a full refund of all out-patient costs linked to hospital admission, for a period of one month before and three months after the admission.

For example: medication, doctor's costs, physiotherapy, nursing care and orthopaedic appliances are all covered.

No down-payment

Thanks to the Medi-Assistance service:

  • In Belgium, during and after your stay in hospital, you can ask for different types of assistance (housework, child care, animal care, transport to the hospital, etc.).
  • Take advantage of the third party payment system: you do not need to pay the hospital bill; it will be settled directly by us.

Extension for serious illnesses

Repeated hospitalisation due to a serious illness can lead to very substantial costs. Hospitalisation Plus insurance reimburses outpatient costs linked to 30 serious diseases.

These include: cancer, leukaemia, diabetes, AIDS, Pompe disease, Crohn's disease, malaria, etc.

For these diseases, hospital admission may not always be necessary. In addition, you do not need to pay the excess.

All over the world

You are insured everywhere around the world, no restrictions in the event of an emergency or unplanned hospital admission. Whether in Belgium or the Seychelles, during a personal vacation or a business trip.

You can also benefit from many other forms of assistance when you're abroad, including repatriation for you and your family members.

Insured once, insured forever

Hospitalisation Plus insures you for life. AG Insurance will never cancel your contract because of an accident.

That means you are the only person who can terminate your Hospitalisation insurance.

Peace of mind at an affordable premium

  • Hospitalisation Plus insurance takes your family budget into account. Families with children enjoy special terms. New-borns whose parents have been insured with us for six months or more, are directly included in their parents' contract without any medical checks, if they are registered with AG Insurance within three months. The younger your child is when you take out the insurance policy, the lower the premium you will pay for them.
  • Hospitalisation Plus insurance combines security with a reasonable premium. The latter is based on invoices from hospitals applying normal rates, which means most hospitals. Your stay in one of these hospitals will be reimbursed in full, no matter what type of room you choose (generally, in Brussels hospitals, 50% of the bill is accounted for by a single room, to the patient's detriment.)
  • We will answer all of your questions and are happy to calculate your premium, for you and for your family.

More information

Find out the details of this insurance in the general terms and conditions. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.