Family Legal Protection insurance

Family Protection Insurance legal protection acts as complementary cover alongside your Top Family policy.

The best legal protection available for your family

Family legal protection, an option available as part of your AG Insurance Top Family policy, helps you defend your rights. You receive compensation to cover legal fees, the cost of experts, and any procedural costs incurred. The limits of compensation set under your policy are also very high, and you can always choose your own legal representatives.

Specialists on hand to help

Have you suffered as a result of an error by a doctor or other third party? Do you need to defend yourself in a criminal court? Our specialists will help you uphold your rights.

You choose your legal representatives

Our specialists can suggest a lawyer to assist you, however, your decision is always final and you can appoint the legal representatives of your choice to defend you in court.

Compensation when the opposing party is insolvent

Your Family Protection Insurance legal protection compensates you up to a maximum of EUR 15,000 if your family member is held liable.

Very high limits of compensation

You can be awarded up to EUR 90,000 per claim, and up to EUR 180,000 if you have taken out the Family+ Pack.

Support during the most difficult times

Your Family Protection Insurance legal protection pays you compensation of up to EUR 30,000 if a child under the age of 16 disappears, absconds or is abducted.

What should you do in case of damage ?

Call Providis, the provider of legal protection for AG Insurance. An expert will answer to your call straight away. Providis employees will handle all of your legal protection cases.

The advisor takes everything in hand and will first attempt to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Has it been proven impossible to find a solution, in which case court action is inevitable ? Providis will assist you and defend your rights in court, including by appointing the legal representatives of your choice.

When and where does cover apply?

You are insured worldwide.

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