Domestic Employees insurance

The ideal protection for your domestic employees

Any person who employs staff in Belgium must by law protect these individuals against accidents occurring at or en route to and from work. This obligation also applies to employees working in your home. When you choose the Domestic Employees insurance option with your Top Family policy, your housekeeper, cook, gardener, care taker, babysitter and home care assistant will all be covered by one insurance policy.

This obligation does not apply to domestic employees paid in "titres-services" (service vouchers), via the unemployment offices or to personnel deployed by La Ligue des Familles. These workers are insured by their own employers.

What are the main risks covered?

  • Accidents recognised by law as work accidents, occurring at work or during the commute are covered. Domestic staff includes people who perform paid work and services for members of your household, under your authority.

What are the main risks not covered?

  • Activities representing an aggravated risk, such as activities that require specific equipment or professional experience, implying that they can not be carried out under the authority of the policyholder.
  • Workers employed in relation to the professional activities of the policy holder are not covered.

The above list is not exhaustive

The above list is not exhaustive. For more information on the exact extent of the cover, please refer to the general terms and conditions of this product, which are accessible for free at your branch or through the Easy Banking Centre (02/762.20.00). To receive an offer, you can contact your branch or call the Easy Banking Centre.

One single insurance policy for all your domestic employees

Your cleaner, gardener and babysitter: One single insurance covers everyone working in your home.

In case of incapacity or death

Your domestic personnel is insured for accidents that render them temporarily or permanently incapable to continue working. Their relatives will receive compensation in case of death.

Cover extended to casual workers

Even if you only employ a professional two or three times a year to prune your hedges, the law requires you to take out an insurance policy to protect this person. The Domestic Employees insurance policy also covers casual workers. No limit applies to the number of employees covered!

Want to know more?

For further information, please refer to the attached documents.

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