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    Enjoy tailored services and advice that fit your new life as an expat.

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Fraudulent emails have been sent to our customers. If you have received an email that asks you to click a link to a website to apply for a new credit card, do not follow this request! Be careful never to share M1 and M2 codes. For more information about phishing, click here.

Premium Pack

This current account, free during the first year, has many advantages that can make your life in Belgium easier!


A bank account designed for young people between 18 and 27 years old, who want to manage their daily banking.

Discover our expat offer

Become a BNP Paribas Fortis customer

Our Expat offer brings together a range of services that are perfectly adapted to your needs and designed to simplify your arrival in Belgium.

Customised insurances

Being well covered will give you peace of mind during your move to Belgium. Family insurance, fire insurance, vehicle or revenue insurance… Choose the coverage that fits your needs, and lead a carefree life in Belgium.

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An offer tailored to your needs

Moving to a new country requires you to arrange many practical things. Discover our expat offer and simplify your life.

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Security deposit

Setting up your home abroad often involves renting a house or a flat, in which case you will have to provide a rental guarantee. To do so, you will need to open a deposit savings account in your name that will remain blocked for the duration of the lease. If the landlord is insured you will receive interest on the deposited amount.

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Self banking

As an expat it is important to manage your banking, insurance and investments wherever and whenever you want. Our comprehensive range of products and services allows you to access your accounts at any time.

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Keep your daily operations under control

A current account with a premium service

A bank card for payments in Belgium and abroad, a MasterCard Gold credit card with all associated benefits, access to Easy Banking (Web + App) and Easy Banking Phone. The Premium Pack includes all these services and more.

Do you want one, two or three cards per account? No problem! You can enjoy all these advantages for free during the first year. Then, you can even recover your monthly fees with the Premium Bonus.

Plenty of benefits for young customers 

A range of options to fit your lifestyle

You are 18 to 27 years old and have moved to Belgium? Take advantage of all the benefits of our Hello4You offer, including a free current account.


Paying with a card is easy and convenient. Choose a personalised bank card, a MasterCard Gold credit card or a rechargeable payment card!

Direct payment of income

Would you like to make sure that your salary arrives on time? Then you should set up a direct debit.

Worldwide banking

You are abroad and need to solve a banking problem? You are sure to find a branch nearby. Have you decided to leave Belgium permanently? Then one of our branches will assist you with the transfer of your banking products.

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