Prepaid Cards

You want to keep your budget under control and avoid spending more than planned? Then our prepaid cards may offer the solution for you.

Is your card lost or stolen? Put a block on it!

There are 3 ways to block your card:

  • By going to your User Account and requesting a replacement card.
  • By calling the Hello Team on 02 433 41 42 (Mon-Fri 7am to 10pm and Sat 9am to 5pm).
  • By contacting Prepaid Stop on 02 250 16 01 (24 hours a day). Please note that this is not the same number as Card Stop!

Always inform the police. Your new card will be sent to your address by post within 10 days. The cash balance on your old card will automatically be transferred to your new one. There is a charge of EUR 8 to replace your card, which will be debited from the available card balance.