Customised bank card

  • your favourite picture on your bank card
  • upload your photo easily online
  • free up to the age of 27

Give your bank card that personal touch

The customised bank card (also called photocard) is a bank card that you can personalise yourself with an image of your choice. A picture of your family, your partner or a summer sunset? Choose an image from our online photo gallery or upload your favourite photo in less than no time. This customised card works just like a normal bank card.

Make banking more fun by opting for a customised bank card.

Upload your photo easily online

Personalise your bank card with a photo in a snap! Simply choose or upload a photo, preview the result, fill in your details, and confirm your order! Or make things even easier by logging on to Easy Banking, and your information will be filled in automatically. Your customised bank card is produced within 10 days. You can either receive it by mail or pick it up at your local branch.

Free up to the age of 27

The customised bank card service is completely free for young people up to the age of 27 (one card order per calendar year). For adults aged 28 and over, the cost of your customised card is 9.50 EUR. All other charges associated with your bank card remain the same (monthly fee, cost of replacement in case of loss or theft of your card, etc.).

Important to know

You like the idea of a funny photo of yourself on your bank card? No problem at all! However, a picture of your favourite sports star or actor is not permitted. Find out the conditions and restrictions of this service (pdf).

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For further information, please refer to the attached document.