Current accounts

A bank card that suits your needs

Whether included in the package you choose or not, your bank card must meet your expectations. You will use it to make purchases in Belgium, abroad, in stores, restaurants or online. A bank card lets you make quick, easy and secure payments anywhere you choose and offers significant benefits.

Your bank online

Thanks to new technologies, as well as fixed and mobile internet connections, your bank travels everywhere with you. You can carry out your banking operations whenever and wherever you want. Convenient and easy! You do not want to use your computer or mobile device? You can also manage your banking at a Self Bank ATM near you to make secure transactions and to withdraw money.

Make security a priority

Today you can make payments and settle your banking in many ways. The bank takes all measures aimed at fully ensuring the safety of your banking operations. However, attempted theft and fraud might still occur. In addition to the efforts of the bank you can also take measures to avoid becoming a victim:

  • do not share your secret code with anyone.
  • do not write your code down.
  • only visit and shop at secure websites.